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Color Healing Meanings: Color Healing Gemstones

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Healing with Color...

Remember the board games of childhood where you followed the colorful squares of a Journey-Path to reach the goal and "win" the game?

Your Spiritual Journey can be thought of as a similar Pathway. Each day certain Color Healing Energies are available to you.

Once you are able to find your color energy for the day; knowing the meanings helps you to forecast the events, make Spiritual Progress and Honorable decisions for your life.
The goal is to learn the Spiritual lessons: stay kind and honorable while traveling this path and becoming your most Divine self. ...and if you "win"? ...Awakening.

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The New Age Meanings of Colors for Healing and Magic...

Calya Color Divination... Find Answers (©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)

Each color energy has meaning and a unique purpose in our lives. Learn to manage your own behavior and problems with color and meditation.

Color Meanings...


















Each Color Energy corresponds to:

  • a body area - Chakra
  • emotional issues - feelings and mood
  • spiritual principals - healing pathwork

Use the Color Messages from your own Aura to help you navigate your life...

Daily situations create "auric weather patterns". Your Aura is an energy field produced by all of your Chakras and extends about arms length in all directions around you. You can feel the energy shift when someone comes into your Auric space; and sometimes energies become excessive or depleted.

By knowing which color vibrations are available to you; you can help bring balance to your Aura and participate in the flow of your own life.

Use Chakra Colors for New Age Spiritual Pathwork and Psychic Predictions of coming events.

Learn the Meanings of Chakras and Colors for personal Spiritual Progress and to influence others.

GRAY- Gray is the Chakra color of Rest, Retreat and Hiding.

Gray Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Gray Therapy Products

Gray Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body as an all over dull, ill, feeling. Depression is an indication of excessive Gray. Rest, Retreat, Admit Defeat and Escape with Gray.

The Meaning of Gray:

Gray is a Feminine Color and is a mixture of all other colors in a muddied state. It is a Water Color, with the West- feelings- as it's direction. Gray moves in the Emotions and is often sad, tired, overwhelmed and needs to be withdrawn. It is the best color when you need to feel cozy and hidden.

The Gray Personality:

Gray people are drawn to the sidelines, sometimes to hide and rest but also sometimes they do not wish to be found out.

The person wearing gray could be tired and feel overwhelmed, so give them some space if they seem dull. If they seem quite, calm and attentive, they may be hiding their true motives, trying to blend in and not be noticed in order to get information. Beware.

Wear Gray if you need to win other's confidence, Gray is non-threatening.

Decor with Gray:

Gray in home decor or clothing will be restful and create a feeling of hiding, secrecy and dis-connecting from the World. Gray is cozy and comforting, and supports illness well. Sometimes we desperately need to allow ourselves to retreat, wrap up in our cloak of invisibility.

BLACK- Black is the Chakra Color of Grounding Excess.

Black Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Black Therapy Products

Black Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the feet as aches and pains, stubbed toes or new shoes. Black can feel like you are stuck in a rut or swinging wide in crazy patterns. Calm down, reflect, and be realistic about your expectations with Black.

The Meaning of Black:

Black is a Feminine Color and is an absorption of all other colors. It is an Earth-Spirit Color- Human Spirit, with the North-East- structure and thinking- as it's direction. Black moves in the physical body and is often deep, quiet, collected and silent. It is the best color when you need to feel calm, in control and grounded with sure footing.

The Black Personality:

Black people are often very sensitive to psychic energies and the day to day noise of people and accumulation of energies can adversely affect them.

The person wearing Black might be feeling scattered and lost or bizarre and crazy to the point that they want to come out of their skin and change completely and so use Black to feel grounded again.
Those who tend to wear Black are very good to have around when there is a lot to do and things are chaotic; they cut through clutter and mess and get things done, because they are grounded. Wear Black when you want to feel more in control of the structure of a situation, meeting or relationship.

Decor with Black:

Black in home decor or clothing will show stark contrasts to showcase other colors used with it. It grounds to earth excess energies, chatter and commotion to quiet a space from the World. Black is mysterious, full of the divine feminine/Yin energies, cool, protective, shielding, collected and strong.

BROWN- Brown is the Chakra Color of Stability.

Brown Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Brown Therapy Products

Brown Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the knees as aches and pains, weakness or stiffness. Brown can feel like you are being a push-over or rejected. Come home, remember, be flexible and bow to authority of others with Brown.

The Meaning of Brown:

Brown is a Masculine Color and combines elements of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue. Brown is not an Earth Color, but an Air/Fire- thoughts that create- with the South-East as it's direction. Brown moves in the intellectual body, the reasoning, the memory both of this lifetime and others and is deeply connected to home. It is excellent for students, teachers and historians and can be inviting, comforting, stabilizing and secure. Brown wants peace. It is the best color when you need to think things through or re-connect to your roots.

The Brown Personality:

Brown people can have problems with authority. They can either be so fearful of not being the boss that they become totally un-cooperative or so want to please the boss that they cannot think for themselves, preferring to agree with what ever others say.

The person wearing Brown might be feeling like the one who is always stepped upon so ask their opinions and really listen to what they have to say. They are quiet because they are trying to not be any trouble, but they have good reasoning, detail memories and well thought-out, stable ideas.
Wear Brown when you want to present a stable and secure character and others will gather to you and rally around your suggestions.

Decor with Brown:

Brown in home decor or clothing will show secure energies and promote a feeling of acceptance and flexibility. Great for studies and dining rooms. it is the color of Home-Coming and harvest-time. It warms other colors and helps them to be less formal, more casual. Brown is stable, close to home and rustic.

BURGUNDY- Burgundy is the Chakra Color of Confrontation.

Burgundy Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Burgundy Therapy Products

Burgundy Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the thighs as cramps, nerve tenderness or flabbiness. Burgundy feels like you just can't stand the situation another moment. Make a plan and make a stand are Yours in the Burgundy Color Realm.

The Meaning of Burgundy:

Burgundy is a Masculine/Feminine- Yang pushing to Yin- Color and combines elements of Red, Brown and Blue. Burgundy is Fire/Water- Life Force Fire combining with emotional power- with the South-West as it's direction. Burgundy moves in the Spirit body, honor creating justice with high ideals. It is excellent any time you need to outwit an opponent, conquer the other side, battle an injustice or even loose weight! Burgundy is warming and invigorating and it incites strong willed strategy. It is the best color when you need to gather a team together and get some real planning accomplished.

The Burgundy Personality:

Burgundy people can sometimes feel bullied.They become so fearful of being bullied that they perceive attacks from everywhere, real or imagined. Therefore, they are always vigilant and on guard. The Color of blood and the heat of battle, Burgundy is the warrior's color.

The person wearing Burgundy might be feeling like they need to take on the world. Be their ally, find out why their shield is up. It is always better to have such a one on your side. Burgundy people can be confrontational, put them to work for you and they will certainly blaze a trail. Just be sure of their allegiance and ask their opinion frequently.
Wear Burgundy when you want to send an energetic "don't tread on me- I'm on a mission" message.

Decor with Burgundy:

Burgundy in home decor or clothing will invigorate a shabby room and bring it to life. It is a great color for dining rooms to enliven conversations, board rooms for strategies or even bedrooms to enliven sex! Burgundy adds fire and deep blood-connections to your decor. Burgundy is honorable, spirit-led and builds deep ties.

RED - Red is the Chakra Color of Creative Fires and Vital Motives.

Red Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Red Therapy Products

Red Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the pelvis, cocyx, and genitals as stimulation or pain. Red can feel like you are too tired for everything or being restricted and not allowed freedom to move. Create, move and get motivated with Red.

The Meaning of Red:

Red is a Masculine Color and is one of the three Primary Colors. It stands alone and pure red is not composed of other colors. Red is a Fire- destruction and re-generation- with true South as it's direction. Red moves in the physical body, the Life Force and the mechanics of accomplishing things. It is excellent for lovers, keeping in good physical condition and all things building and creating. Red is warming and invigorating, but it is not the hottest color as some suppose. It is the Fire of motivation and burns away debris, toxins and burst into action to create new. Red wants to move and get things done. It is the best color when you need to destroy old worn-out patterns and create new ones and really put them into action.

The Red Personality:

Red people thrive on attention. They like to be happy and entertaining, but can quickly flare if their ideas or behavior is met with any opposition or coolness. They can be easily offended.

The person wearing Red might be feeling like they just want to be noticed... for once. They may be feeling creative, pleased with themselves and excited, motivated, energetic and let's not forget sexy; so try to allow them their day. Wear Red when you want to present an energetic appearance and remember Red is not a Love Color, it is a Lust Color!

Decor with Red:

Red in home decor or clothing is daring and aggressive. It will show creative energies and promote a feeling of high competition and may incite arguments or great joy! Great for children's rooms and art studios, it stimulates creative minds and artistic projects. It opposes and competes with other colors taking over the space. Red is bright, bold and beautiful.

ORANGE - Orange is the Chakra Color of Focused Intentions.

Orange Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Orange Therapy Products

Orange Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the lower abdomen and lower back as cramps or spasms. Orange can feel like the time for waiting and thinking are over. Orange is birthing time... labor, work, effort, and deliver! "Who says I can't?" is the question in Orange.

The Meaning of Orange:

Orange is a Masculine Color and contains Red and Yellow. It is warming, enveloping, and has no time to waste. Orange is hungry, decisive and ready. Orange is the intensity of directed Fire- focused creation- with South/East as it's direction. Orange moves in the physical body, the directed, focused Life Force with the specific intention of supplying wants, needs and desires. It is excellent for those who have assignment deadlines, or who need to create a demand for their product or service as it stimulates desires. Orange is warming, invigorating, and enticing. Orange wants to achieve. It is the best color when you bring happy attention to your project. Others will be very interested in responding.

The Orange Personality:

Orange people are the heat of the group. They don't need your attention but you better notice what they have done. They have worked hard, thought of every detail and put in overtime and feel there is nothing that can possibly be added to their work. Do not criticize!

The person wearing Orange might be feeling that they do not want to appear to be nagging or too demanding and just want you to take note of what they have done for you. They want you to be happy and pleased with their efforts. Show them courtesy through your actions, words are not even necessary. But watch out if you don't get the hint.... Orange people can snap without warning and anger is their strong suit! Wear Orange when you want to get some needed attention and to show how gracious and accomplished you are.

Decor with Orange:

Orange in home decor or clothing is delicious! It is the stimulator of hungers and desires and sunny dispositions. It will bring a fresh start to mornings and so breakfast rooms and kitchens do well with Orange. If there is a work space where you need to focus and accomplish use it there but be sure you are well fed first or you will just be distracted. Orange is dry, bare-bones details, and focus; it wastes no time.

PEACH - Peach is the Chakra Color of Courage and Encouragement.

Peach Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Peach Therapy Products

Peach Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the upper abdomen and kidneys and spleen as retention or stiffness. Peach can feel like your immune system is over or under activated- Allergies, Arthritis and Immune System dysfunctions. Calm and boost your self-defense mechanisms with Peach.

The Meaning of Peach:

Peach, believe it or not, is a Masculine Color and has aggressive properties, softened or hidden. It contains elements of red, orange, yellow and white. Peach is a warmth- coziness and comfort- with South East as it's direction. Peach moves from the physical body into the thoughts, the fears and self-preservation energies and is fueled by survival. It is excellent when entering new situations or enduring long term discomfort. Peach is charming and disarming in order to get around others anger and to get the needs met. It is warmth and generosity and acceptance of others with grace and wide-eyed elegance or at least the pretense of it. Peach wants to keep peace, softly and gently manipulate others into kind and proper behaviors.It is the best color when you need to charm another into your way of thinking or keep them from being aggressive and violent.

The Peach Personality:

Peach people thrive on activity and fun. They like to be elegant and entertaining, but can quickly flounder if their ideas or behavior is met with any opposition or coolness. They can be easily frightened and lose courage.

The person wearing Peach may be trying to get you on their side. They may be feeling faint-hearted and worried and unsure of themselves so either stay away or find out what is wrong in their life. Be assured, once you ask, they will tell. Wear Peach when you want to present an elegant, charming air... others are not fearful or suspicious of Peach; it can be the perfect chamouflage.

Decor with Peach:

Peach in home decor or clothing is soft light. It will show charm and elegance and allow light to diffuse irritations angry energies. Peach promotes a feeling of calm, comfort! Great for dining areas and offices, it stimulates co-operation on projects. It opposes forcefulness and aggression yet is non-threatening. Peach is charming and disarming.

YELLOW -Yellow is the Chakra Color of Change and New Ideas.

Yellow Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Yellow Therapy Products

Yellow Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the Stomach as acid, aches, hunger, cramps or nausea and in the Solar Plexus as nervous stomach, butterflies and a "lump". Yellow can feel like you are tense and tight in your reactions or spread too thin and stretched too far. Expand your thoughts and be open to changes with Yellow.

The Meaning of Yellow:

Yellow is a Masculine Color and is one of the three Primary Colors. It stands alone and pure yellow is not composed of other colors. Yellow is Light- new dawn and new thoughts- with true East as it's direction. Yellow moves in the mental body, it is the "Light" of Enlightenment and causes understanding and discernment of things. It is excellent for matching the interior beliefs to the outside actions moving us forward on our Journey and Spiritual Path of Awakening. Yellow is warming and invigorating, and is the hottest color- white hot, as it were. It is the Light Energy and of openness and illuminates the mind, thoughts, body, soul and spirit with the highest thoughts and expansive changes. It is the best color when you need make thoughtful changes and draw like minded souls to you- soul mates.

The Yellow Personality:

Yellow people like learning and teaching. They like to have elevated discussions, read or find ways to gather more and more knowledge, but can sometimes be easily swayed off of their goal because they can readily see the others point of view. They can be easily confused with too many choices.

The person wearing Yellow might be feeling like they are being forced into a belief or pattern of behavior that is not of their own choosing and so want to expand. They may be feeling incited to search beyond what they know now to stay in control , perhaps they feel scattered and thrown to the winds; so try to allow them to just talk it out. Wear Yellow when you want to present an enlightened and open appearance. It will show that you are open to the ideas of others.

Decor with Yellow:

Yellow in home decor or clothing is open and embracing. It will show energies of new thinking and promote a feeling of acceptance and jovial energy, like the Sun. Great for children's study rooms, it stimulates inquisitive minds and an eagerness to learn. It welcomes other colors especially cool ones like Blue and Purple. Yellow is warm and inclusive, happy and fun.

LIME - Lime is the Chakra Color of Rewards and Returns.

Lime Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Lime Therapy Products

Lime Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the liver, gall bladder and ribs as tightness and acid excess. Lime can feel like you are too anxious and even nauseous or completely on top of the world-- in the Lime Light. Manifest, get your rewards with Lime.

The Meaning of Lime:

Lime is a Feminine color moving into a Masculine Color and is composed of Blue, Yellow and more yellow. Lime is a wish- things you have wanted, worked for and striven after- with East North-East as it's direction. Lime moves in the soul and Mental body, the actualization of accomplishing things. It is excellent for the relief of striving and finally getting the reward that you deserve. Lime is invigorating yet refreshing. It is the reunion of energies which had previously been pulled apart and then striving to be reunited. In this way Lime is excellent for bringing back lost items or lost people and the re-union of old friends. Lime wants to get what it is due and can sometimes be a bit anxious and desperate. It is the best color when you need to end stress and strife.

The Lime Personality:

Lime people can show their desperation through selfishness. They like to be working and finishing things like jobs and projects but do not like to be at the same thing too long becoming angry, unpredictably irritable and frustrated. They can be very easily frustrated.

The person wearing Lime might be feeling like they just can't ever get what they want...ever. They may also be feeling that they have finally got what they want so stay out of their way! It is best to find out which it is and then allow them some space. Wear Lime when you want to present a refreshing and accomplished appearance and when you want to show the world how much you have done.

Decor with Lime:

Lime in home decor or clothing is self-possessed and "all about me". It will show frustration energies if it is too Yellow and promote a feeling of self-absorption. Great for kitchens and rooms that need high energy for getting ready to meet the world, it stimulates a pulling together of energies, refreshing thoughts and a willingness to get things done. It blends well with it's neighbors, Blues and Browns. Lime is hard working, responsible and yet refreshing at the same time.

GREEN - Green is the Chakra Color is for Giving and Receiving.

Green Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Green Therapy Products

Green Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the chest, heart/lungs and arms and breasts as tightness, emptiness, heat or pain. Green can feel like you want to embrace the whole world or maybe just one someone special and never let go. Move, Accept, Love, Hold and Thrive with Green.

The Meaning of Green:

Green is a Feminine Color and is composed of Blue and Yellow. Green is an Earth color- abundance, growth and life- with North-East as it's direction. Green moves in the Soul, with powers of decision making, structuring and spanning the bridge of the Physical Body with the Spiritual Body. It is excellent for lovers and for families and mostly for the whole of society. Green wants abundance for all and tolerance, acceptance and a fair balance of giving and receiving. Green is comforting, soothing and builds a thriving structure. It is the Growth of the earth the abundance of life and it wants to be all inclusive. It is the best color when you need to increase acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness; the actions of Love.

The Green Personality:

Green people are sensitive. They like to be natural and casual, relaxed, friendly and loving, but can quickly become crushed if their happy friendship is rejected. They can be easily hurt emotionally.

The person wearing Green might be feeling like they just need a friend and want to be one. They may be feeling loving and all inclusive or that they are always excluded and so they will put up a wall of green chamoflage to hide away; just talk calmly and offer the Olive branch. Wear Green when you want to present an appearance of natural friendship and appreciation of others. Green brings the growth and abundance of Life to the structure of your relationships so that they will thrive.

Decor with Green:

Green in home decor or clothing is unpretentious and natural. It will show friendly energies and promote a feeling of inclusiveness and acceptance of differences. Great for conference rooms and family rooms, the darker the better for calmness if good light is included. It compliments other natural colors and binds them together. Green is hearty and generous.

AQUA -Aqua is the Chakra Color for Play and Renewal.

Aqua Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Aqua Therapy Products

Aqua Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the shoulders, trapezium muscles and thymus gland as tiredness, aches heaviness or pain. Aqua can feel like you are too guilty to play or too guilty to work! Play, renew, rejeuvenate with Aqua.

The Meaning of Aqua:

Aqua is a Feminine Color and is composed of Blue and Green. It can range from pale Turquoise to dark Teal. Aqua is an Earth color- rejeuvenate, releasing, play and receiving- with true North North-East as it's direction. Aqua moves in the mental body especially the will and thoughts, the reasoning of why we do what we do. It is excellent for work-o-holics who feel guilty no matter what they do. Aqua releases guilt and frees the ability to receive without pretense. Aqua is refreshing and comforting. It is the Oil of the reasoning and the will of reasoning- why we choose. Aqua wants to have a balance of giving and receiving, work and play, mine and yours. It is the best color when you need to find some play time and stop beating yourself up for not getting everything done.

The Aqua Personality:

Aqua people thrive on distractions. They like to be having playtime and not being blamed for anything, and can quickly become dejected and sad if the rain falls on their parade and, of course, it will be your fault. They can easily turn to self-martyrdom.

The person wearing Aqua might be feeling like they just need some playtime and they are going to take it; or they may be feeling that no one ever let's them do anything and so they have the right to blame others for the slightest shadow in their day. Wear Aqua when you want to present a carefree appearance and remember, Aqua is needed by all!

Decor with Aqua:

Aqua in home decor or clothing is soothing and pampering. It will show relaxation energies and promote a feeling of calm regeneration and laughter. Great for bathrooms and garden rooms and even playful bedrooms, it stimulates sharing, giving and playful or soothing touch as in loving or therapy and massage. It lightens the emotions with other colors calming the space. Aqua is light, restful, and freeing.

BLUE - Blue is the Chakra Color for Family and Timing Patterns.

Blue Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Blue Therapy Products

Blue Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the neck, throat and Thyroid as stiffness, sluggishness or hyper activity. Blue can feel like you are drowning and can't breathe or that you have to talk and talk. Feel self-worth, perfect timing and joy with Blue.

The Meaning of Blue:

Blue is a Feminine Color and is one of the three Primary Colors. It stands alone and pure Blue is not composed of other colors. Blue is an Earth Crystal energy- timing, self-worth and Synchronicity- with true North as it's direction. Blue moves in the Astral Body and creates the link to the Cosmic clockwork. It is excellent for family issues and understanding who you are genetically and as a link in the family chain, Ancestor connections. Blue is cool and collected, peaceful. It is the Ice Crystal of cosmic timing structure and vibrates order and reflection, as above so below. Blue wants to be accepted for who it is and rejoice at finding it's own place. It is the best color when you need to feel you can finally take your turn, and know what you are worth to yourself- that you are worthy of the air you breath and the space you take up. Blue tells you that it is your turn now to take up the Journey of your Ancestors and shows how we are all the same and all unique at the same time.

The Blue Personality:

Blue people tend to stay out of the way because of the real or imagined priority of others. They like to be surrounded by family in a quiet setting, and can quickly crumble out of sorts when they are not feeling supported. They can be easily scared.

The person wearing Blue might be feeling like they just never heard. They may be feeling full of joy and like their ship has come in at last- give them their day. Wear Blue when you want to present a collected and solid appearance and remember Blue brings self-worth and timing will be the issue of the day--- either too late or too early.

Decor with Blue:

Blue in home decor or clothing is orderly and makes you feel like you are in step with the world. It will show energies of resourcefulness and harmony! Great for rooms of any kind think of cleanliness, tidiness and comarraderie as the affects. It does not compete with other colors but orders them into the space. Blue is a joyful feast drawn from simplicity.

INDIGO - Indigo is the Chakra Color for Dreams and Imaginings.

Indigo Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Indigo Therapy Products

Indigo Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the jaw, teeth, tongue and occipital bone, there can be pain, a jumbled or spacey feeling. Indigo can feel like you are too constantly being imposed upon or that you can't stay focused in reality. Dream, Imagine and tell your story with Indigo.

The Meaning of Indigo:

Indigo is a Feminine Color and is composed of Blue and Violet and Black. Indigo is a Dream- wit, stories and dreams- with West North-West as it's direction. Indigo moves between the worlds and acts upon the emotional body with the Spiritual Body. It is excellent for meditation and Shamanic work- writers and those who need to imagine new ways to do things including peace keepers--- IMAGINE. Indigo is cool and mysterious and takes us to flights of whimsy and Astral Travel in Dream time. It is the Mist in the Night Sky and releases the mind from logic and reason. Indigo wants to find new words and new rythyms and rhymes. It is the best color when you need dream to release your tensions, find Mystickal answers and tell on someone who has hurt you in any way; IMAGINATION and Meditation heal by thought energy

The Indigo Personality:

Indigo people are Mysticks. They like to to have one foot in each world, but can quickly flare if they feel imposed upon or not believed. They can easily become detached and aloof.

The person wearing Indigo might be feeling like they just want be heard and believed even if their ideas sound far fetched. They may be feeling ignored but Spiritually superior; so try to allow them their day. Wear Indigo when you want to present an enigmatic appearance and it will help you to find just the right words in your imagination so that you will be articulate; and remember Indigo is a color that is not easily read by others- it is a spirit energy chamoflage and will keep others from being able to perceive what you are thinking.

Decor with Indigo:

Indigo in home decor or clothing is like Black in that it will show stark contrast with other colors, it makes a good trim or accent color. It will show intensely imaginative energies and promote a feeling of secretiveness or Magickal meditation! Great for bedrooms and healing studios, it stimulates Astral Energies and Spiritual connections directly to the mind. It contrasts other colors taming the chaos of a space. Indigo is secretive, Mystickal and full of Dreams.

PURPLE - Purple is the Chakra Color for Personal Power and Magick.

Purple Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Purple Therapy Products

Purple Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the eyes, ears and nose as dizziness, blockages, heightened emotions, tears, or pain. Purple can feel like you are too detached emotionally to care about anything or wildly swinging emotions take over your life. Be Magickal, Powerful and just with Purple.

The Meaning of Purple:

Purple is a Feminine color pushing to a Masculine Color and is composed of Blue, Violet and Red. Purple is a Storm and Thunder and Lightening- Psychic powers, Passion and Honor- with true West as it's direction. Purple moves in the emotional body, the Magickal powers of justice and being aligned with the Spiritual forces. It is excellent for dealing with anger and pure emotional rage; it will give you the meaningful release you need to be validated. Purple is dramatic and purposeful, and it is the color most full of passion. It is the storm on the ocean of emotion and it is how we learn to use and orchestrate our release of power that makes us healthy and Magickally adept. It is the best color when you need find your passion, bring true feelings to the surface instead of burying them and then deal with them purposefully and with skill.

The Purple Personality:

Purple people are emotional. They like to show their dramatic knowing and don't care who sees them, but they can also because of previous trauma to their feelings, become cold and show no caring and no reactions at all. They can easily become vengeful.

The person wearing Purple might be feeling like they just want to be powerful for once. They may be feeling Magickally gifted and aware of their own powers; so try to allow them their day. Wear Purple when you want others to know that you do know your own strength and that you are not afraid of it, but perhaps they should be! Purple is passion and can turn to fury or ecstasy. Many people with substance abuse issues are drawn to Purple but if they are using they need to stay away from Purple and use the opposite, Yellow to let in some light!

Decor with Purple:

Purple in home decor or clothing is a subtle warning and reminder to be respectful. It will show energies to move mountains when needed and also promote a feeling of a willingness to protect you! Great for children's rooms to boost self-confidence and to let them know that you respect them and to teach them to do the same. However, it does stimulate passionate attachments and Metaphysical powers including clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Balance your gifts with belief and not fear. It opposes and competes with other colors taking over the space. Purple is Mystickal, Magickal and full of deep passion.

VIOLET- Violet is the Chakra Color for Calm Gratitude and Grace.

Violet Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Violet Therapy Products

Violet Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the brow as spacey head or pain. Violet can feel like you are too weary to go on or that you just can't believe how far you have come. Gratitude, Tranquility and Calm with Violet.

The Meaning of Violet:

Violet is a Feminine color pushing to a Masculine Color and is composed of Red and Blue. Violet is a Mist on the waters- re-assessment and re-alignment- with West South-West as it's direction. Violet moves in the Emotional body and connects to the Astral realms and Physical senses. It is located at the third eye which is a configuration of the All Things are One in the two intersecting circles of the Vesica Pisces. It is excellent for those who have been struggling for a long time either with Physical or emotional issues and those journeying to learn the Spiritual lessons. Violet is cool and calm, peaceful and recollected, it shows us our Spiritual Progress and helps us to see just how far we have come. It is the mist of the illusion of personal accomplishment- we have gained all and yet we have gained nothing for ourself. It is the best color when you need feel humble and exalted, connected and isolated.... it is the color energy of the Mist of knowing--- when two seemingly opposites are seen to be the whole.

The Violet Personality:

Violet people can have their head in the clouds. They like to be spiritually seeking, but sometimes get locked into the perpetual seeker and never realize what they have found. They can be easily set off on yet another quest.

The person wearing Violet might be feeling like they just have too many things to accomplish and so cannot tackle any of them. They may be feeling dreamy and distracted and very spiritually led; so try to help them find their footing once more. Wear Violet when you want to present a calm and tranquil appearance and remember Violet is a color proof of innocence; others will want to shield you from stress and projects as you will give off the energy of being fragile.

Decor with Violet:

Violet in home decor or clothing is retreating and delicate. It will show patience and energies that reveal that you are very willing to change your mind and reverse your decision. Great for restful rooms, negotiation rooms and healing studios, it stimulates re-alignment of energies and a merging of minds. It is a neutral color when added to a room softening the energy but argues with other colors wanting only tranquility. Violet is peaceful, tranquil and delicate.

PINK - Pink is the Chakra Color for Sovereignty and Mercy.

Pink Meaning: Full Chapter Work and Pink Therapy Products

Pink Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in the head, hair and crown of head as stimulation or pain. Pink can feel like you are being trampled or finally taking your rightful place. Find your dignity with Pink.

The Meaning of Pink:

Pink is a Feminine/Masculine Color and is one of the Spiritual Colors of office. It is composed of Red and White and sometimes Blue or Violet. Pink is your individual Spirit- sovereignty, dignity and self-reliance- with Central-West as it's direction. Pink moves in the Spirit, the Life Force and the awakening. It is the color of finding the true self and freeing it from the assumed self. Pink is freeing and empowering. It is the Essence of the Self, the essential self and helps us to find and accomplish our Divine Purpose. Pink wants to take charge- of our own life and sometimes the lives of others- there is the rub. We all have Pink Dignity and allowing another their sovereignty is the highest calling of PINK color energy. It is the best color when you need to take responsibility for All of your own actions, reactions, faults and failings, successes and accomplishments.

The Pink Personality:

Pink people have found themselves. They like to be acknowledged and recognized, and can quickly retreat if they are met with any opposition. They are not easily offended; but will not tolerate any disrespect- you will be dismissed.

The person wearing Pink might be feeling like they are finally in the PINK...for once. They may be feeling like they have arrived and they do not really care if you have noticed or not! Stay clear... Wear Pink when you want to present a self-confident appearance and remember Pink is a self-Love Color and makes us quite pleased with ourselves and well it should! Princess..? You bet, by right and working on being the best Regal Lady there can be!

Decor with Pink:

Pink in home decor or clothing is passive aggressive; that is, it stakes it's claim and regally doesn't care if you like it or not. It can "nothing you" or it can welcome you into it's domain with open arms. It will show respectful energies and promote a feeling of self-reliance and self-satisfaction! Great for all rooms, choose a shade that suits the purpose of the space. It stimulates resourcefulness, self-starting and can help improve the self-esteem of all. It is a strong color even though it appears to be soft and goes well with other soft colors when they are neutral but also it's opposite Brown.
Pink is sovereign, soft and full of inner strength.

WHITE - White is the Chakra Color for Spirit Connections and Stillness.

White Meaning: Full Chapter Work and White Therapy Products

White Chakra Color Healing Energy

It is felt in the body in over the head as strange thoughts and stillness. White can feel like you are being swallowed by something much bigger than you or like you just don't ever belong anywhere. Longing to belong and facing your destiny is White.

The Meaning of White:

White is a Masculine Color and is the reflection of all other Colors. White is Divine Spirit- your destiny and the divine connection- with true Center as it's direction. White moves in the Ethereal body, the human spirit connected to the Divine spirit and the Individual spirit. It is excellent for seeking wisdom and your place in the Universe. White magnifies Spirit and Spirit answers you directly. It is the Spirit that tells us that all things are possible that all things affect all other things. and we are all united by the one Spirit. It is the best color when you need to feel like you belong ...somewhere.

The White Personality:

White people sometimes have to belong to everything if they have not found their Spiritual Path. They like to be nothing and nowhere and be very existential and pre-occupied with their religion or spiritual prayers and leader. But can quickly become sad and lost if something shakes their strong belief in the one they "follow".

The person wearing White might be feeling like they just want to be clean and carefree. They may be feeling lost and trying to find the right path of light so be kind. Wear White when you want to present a non-threatening appearance and remember White is a difficult color to wear, people expect impressive things from you when you are wearing White.

Decor with White:

White in home decor or clothing is impressive and intensifies all your energies. It well may show everything and it may show nothing about you! Great for rooms where you do not want to commit to a purpose, it leaves things open yet clear and clean to take on whatever energies come along. White is bright, complete in itself and non-threatening.