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Wooden Magick Wands

9 NEW Windstrum Woods WANDS...!

Priced between $19.95 and $28.95

Beautifully carved Mahogany- several stains

13 - 15 inches long - nice weight - blue velvet pouch
Chart of Strokes included

Magickal Wands of Windstrum Woods.....$19.95 and $28.95

Buy Wooden Magick Wands and learn to use them...

Mahogany Magick Wands - beautifully hand-carved and stained. Each wizarding wand comes with:

  • velvet pouch
  • my Chart of Strokes wand instruction sheet

Get your Wand Class in the Castle book here...

Keep your Wand at the ready!

These new Windstrum wooden wands are named for places in the Calya Journey-Wise books:

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Magick Wand Class

The Windstrum ~15 inch Black Thorn...$23.95

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~ The Windstrum ~
Black Thorn.........$23.95

Black stained 15 inch Mahogany wand has a crooked notch and carved lacing handle

...secluded in the middle of a forest, dark with the shadows of many grand Black Thorn Oak trees, the lodge house hid. There were so many trees... they formed a protective wall, darkly woven; then, suddenly, Stag's Head was before us. We were surprised by the delightful home... built in the style of a towering woodland cuckoo clock; at the top, a stag with full antlers proudly standing guard over a resting doe.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 14 inch Dark Dragon...$19.95
See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~
Dark Dragon.........$19.95

This marvelous 14 inch dark plum stained Mahogany wand has a firm hold, a cut-top, elegant rounds and a smooth draw design.

  But then, as I looked into the afternoon sky through the thickly woven branches, I saw something; something so huge that it staggered my comprehension; the blackest, darkest shadow glided above the tree tops, moving over the forest on silent wings... circling. "Dragon..."

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 15 inch Elvenwood...$24.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~

This is a beautiful 15 inch dark cherry stained Mahogany wand in an elegant knob and draw design.

There, before us, spread the forest of the Windstrum Elvenwood; enormous gnarled trees, with graceful arms reaching wide, touching the ground. ----...Here were the Elves of Gamol, and placed before them, magnificently carved of Amber, was an empty Throne.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 13 inch Horsehead...$22.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~

Wonderful 13 inch cinnamon stained Mahogany wand has a horse head handle and Rune markings.

Suddenly, and with great power, we topped a stout hill and Calya called out (to the Unicorns), "Aetfleogan!" (Fly away!) And away we did fly!

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 14 inch Swansdown...$24.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~

This is a beautiful 14 inch bright cinnamon stained Mahogany wand with an elegant handle and smooth turned design.

...the Dragonfly knew the way ...and quickly I was at Swansdown Castle; its shining lake reflected whitewashed towers with ginger roofs while gleaming white swans glided under the snow-dusted bridge.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 15 inch Thistledown...$28.95

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~ The Windstrum ~ Thistledown.........$28.95

Rich chocolate brown stained Mahogany 15 inch wand in a thistle blossom top and pierced accents rounds design.

Thistledown is a lovely cottage on on the border of Pink and Burgundy Realms. It is a gentle place of comfort amidst the thorns and the prickles of life.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 14 inch Topmost...$22.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~

This is a beautiful two-toned 14 inch Mahogany wand with black and cinnamon stains and lots of turning and top knob.

There's a cottage, Topmost, when the mists clear, and they will, you'll see it. It gleams like a jewel. --- The higher I climbed the more clear-headed I became and my anxiety released. I was grateful and nearing Topmost.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 15 inch Tryngala...$28.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~

Here is my favorite! This 15 inch Mahogany wand with cinnamon stain has an intricate design... a loop and knob handle and carved leaves spiraling along the shaft. It's beautiful!

"Tell us what you see, Calya." Aless nodded, "Only you can see this vision of what will be." And with starry eyes, Calya told of the Pink Castle of Tryngala that she beheld in her vision.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included

The Windstrum ~ 14 inch Twisted Vine...$24.95

See larger...

~ The Windstrum ~
Twisted Vine.........$24.95

This 14 inch natural blonde Mahogany wand is fully carved with a design of vines and leaves twisting around it.

Hermione's wand...!

Truth is not what you are told, but what you know. Myth is now a twisted vine choking the life from truth. ...but truth will be found - with Magick.

Blue velvet pouch & Chart of Strokes included